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In which we almost lose our identities and lay a couple of eggs

We were about thirty miles from the border when I remembered we had left our passports in the hotel. “Crap,” I exclaimed, or perhaps shouted. My almost dozing husband asked sleepily what was up. I told him, and he bolted upright. We were in Canada, returning to Maine from Quebec, and neither one of us […]

Under wraps: A garden of burlap bushes and Styrofoam shrubs

This is blog fourteen of thirty-one, part of a blog a day for the month of March challenge. Will I be a better blogger when it is done? I hope so. But please don’t do a drop-in visit, a few things have fallen by the wayside, and housecleaning was the first one to go. My […]

The rescue: when things go wrong out on the ice.

We spend a lot of time on the ice — fishing, skating, ice walking, doing yoga, and having winter picnics. Winter naps have been discussed, but without a blanket I’m going to leave that for another day. We also take cars and snowmobiles out when conditions are right. All of these activities require commonsense, and […]

Claire Wallace and her half-assed farm

The sign says Haffas Farm. Family name? Think again. “Half-assed, of course,” chuckles Claire Wallace. “My husband and I both had full-time jobs and no spare time, and then we bought a couple of asses without really knowing what we were doing. Pretty half-assed, don’tcha think?” Claire is small and lively, hurling loaves of bread […]

Foraging from friends, or, the value of quail eggs

Foraging is pretty slim this time of year. There are seaweeds, and tenacious frozen cranberries, but this is not the season of plenty. In colder months I get lazy, and forage from my friends. It is mutual. We live in a seasonal community, and seem to have more time to connect when the days are […]