Print and wear green for St. Patrick’s Day

A print and wear mustache, you can make one, too!

Maybe your favorite green socks are in the bottom of the laundry basket or green just isn’t your color. Some years I am heading to work when it strikes, today is the day for wearing of the green. But too late…

This year St. Patrick’s Day is approaching softly. The grocery store is displaying cabbage and corned beef, and the local pharmacy has a sweet green-themed display of minty green plaque fighter, avocado Yardley’s soap, lime-colored hand sanitizer and a green toothbrush. But where is all the hoopla and Hallmark messaging? St. Patrick’s Day is March 17 as always, and it is upon us. If it has crept up on you and you find yourself looking at your watch and mentally scanning your closet for a suitable green, relax, we have you covered.

Pins, slogans, mustaches–everything you need for wearing of the green is right here. Download the PDF,  print and cut out the design of your choice, and tape or pin it on.

You can’t go wrong with a classic shamrock, take your choice of Kiss me, I’m Irish, and Kiss me, I’m not Irish. Why let those redheads have all the fun!

Wear your Irish heart on your sleeve. That iconic symbolic language for loving anything from NY to your pet Chihuahua is ready to wear with a St. Patrick’s Day twist.

Share the DNA, who wouldn’t want to be Irish for a day?

Well, the rumors of drinking to excess on St. Patrick’s Day whether you are Irish or not haven’t been substantiated, so let’s get started.

Hmm, I can be invisible, make straw turn to gold, and fly, but I’d much rather be Irish on St. Patrick’s Day!


Irish I had a mustache, and I really rish it was green or had shamrocks.

A bit long for a button, so it is a really BIG button.

Downloadable PDF with print and wear designs

Print, cut, and wear, and let the shenanigans begin! Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all.

Karen O. Zimmermann

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