Dead Letter Boxes

It was a rough winter for many, but mailboxes in the way of a plow had it tougher than most. Each year a few boxes are lost in the line of duty, but winter of ’15 left scores of broken and dented corpses tossed into heaps of snow. Storm after storm buried them deeper in frozen the snowbanks, but now they are emerging, scarred and worn, along the battlefield at the edge of our roads.

RIP, letter boxes…

mail boxes Post-op

These two boxes were surgically removed without damaging the central nervous system. Nice job, doc!

dented mailboxSleepyhead

This poor baby had a headache after going head-on against a plow, and is wisely taking a little snooze.


Like a fish out of water, this box is jaw-dropped and gasping for air. Or maybe it just needs more snow.

mail boxes on the groundEndgame

White king bows to black. Game over.

Mailbox tied to railMorning after

It must have been a wild night, with one party sleeping it off in the grass, while the tied-one-on is ready for more.

blue mailboxBlue Bull

Powder blue with it’s back rearing in the air, this box looks like a mechanical bull that has just tossed its rider.

Mailbox in snow bank with viewBox with view

This is not the Tuscan field of green grass and poppies where Lucy Honeychurch and George Lewis exchange their first kiss. Looking more like a landscape where it is always winter but never Christmas, this view is more likely to reveal a lion or a witch, or perhaps a wardrobe.

green mailbox, bangor Daily news boxGreen Rider

The battle was too much for the green rider on the ground, but steadfast and sure, the Bangor Daily News box delivers its message.

Fresh paint, a new post, perhaps a whack with a hammer, and most boxes can be back on duty. Me, I have a post office box, but I hope your box weathered the winter.

Karen O. Zimmermann

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Karen O. Zimmermann savors chance encounters with people throughout the state of Maine, and is endlessly delighted with the tales they have to share.